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Mil_Wives Fitness!

Getting and Staying in Shape

Mil_Wives Fitness
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Closed community for members of Mil_Wives
Welcome to mil_fit! If you are a member of mil_wives you are more than welcome to join this community.

What We Are About
We are a community for mil_wives users to help them get into shape, or stay in the shape they are in, healthily. There will not be any drama, unhealthy attitudes/talk/advice/etc. tolerated in this community. If you have a problem, private message a mod (schonesleben or thegreyqueenor lovee)

.Opsec - should not be any reason for breaches here, but it has to be said. FOLLOW IT.
.Manners - know yours. If you don't, you'll be told, warned, banned.
.Attitude - this is a positive space for motivation, suggestions on healthy life styles, etc. If you are looking for a community that supports eating disordered thinking and choices, move along.
.Bannanation - you'll be warned once. No if's, and's, or but's about it.
.Deletion - don't delete posts, comments, etc. See previous "bannanation" rule.
.Mods - be patient with us. We both work insane jobs with insane hours. We will answer questions/comments/concerns in a timely manner, but don't expect instant response. You can reach either of us through PM here on livejournal by going to our userinfo and clicking "Send A Message" on the right hand side.

Now that we have that out of the way... mil_fit will be all about motivation and staying positive. But not in that annoying, Richard Simmons sort of way. We'll have daily posts for those who would like to post their food logs, track their exercise. Being accountable is a lot easier when you've got other people looking in on what you're doing. It'd be nice if we could all be honest. No one can make you do this, but you're only hurting yourself if you're not.

Please copy/paste the information in the following textbox into an entry, and fill out the survey once you have been approved for membership. Tag with "new member survey" and a mod will add your username tag once you've posted.

We will have friendly competitions, nutritional suggestions, easy healthy snack options information, goal check ins, daily themes, etc. If you have an idea, please share it! If you would like to do a guest column, share it!

*DISCLAIMER* If you are going to participate in one of the fitness challenges or WODs (workout of the day) PLEASE be careful. If you cannot complete all repetitions without proper form, STOP THE EXERCISE. It's not worth hurting yourself over. I cannot stress this enough.